Here is the first in a series of interviews with our fabulous Great British Mums Editors and we are starting with the fabulous Rohini Regunathan Editor at Claphammums………..

What is your background?
I am from India originally, but I have lived overseas from when I was 17; I spent 6 years in Singapore with a year in Bristol for Masters, then moved to New York after I met my husband. I have lived in New York for 7 years before moving to London- maybe I have a moving 7 year itch 😊
I have a background in Economics, I spent 2 years in tax consulting and 6 years in credit card risk management so a world away from writing!
I had a little girl in 2016, and she is 21 months now.

What made you decide to launch/become Editor of  Claphammums? / How did you hear about the Great British Mums franchises?
It was a completely unplanned move! I decided not to go back to work and was trying to find out a different role which gave me flexibility. Midway through the interview process, I found out I was pregnant so I halted it to have an extended break. But I had a miscarriage, and just when I was trying to decide how to move forward, I came across Meg’s post about the editor role at Clapham Mums. I used to follow the site to find things to do in the neighbourhood and blogging was always a side hobby, so I jumped in! In many ways, Clapham Mums saved me by finding me at the right time!

What do you enjoy about running your own online community based magazine?
I love the connection you make with your readers and businesses. I helped the playgroup I take my daughter to by writing a little post about them and putting them on our event calendar, and every time we go by, she talks about the new people who came thanks to the post. It is extremely fulfilling and you see the impact you make to the places in your community! I am trying to partner with some of the amazing charities that operate in our neighbourhood.
I attended an open day event, and for the first time, I met our cardholders (some who had the card for 5 years) and it was incredible to chat to them and understand what they love about the card (unanimous favourite seems to be hair salon offers! 😊).

Do you feel more part of your community?
Definitely! Community is the reason I got into Clapham Mums in the first place. I moved to London 3 years ago and when I had my daughter, I didn’t know anyone in my neighbourhood. I used Clapham Mums to find children centres and playgroups, and created my own circle. That’s what I would love to create for my readers too! I want to focus on helping new mums create their own circles by getting them to try activities, events, classes.

How do you make the website work with family life?
I am still learning! It isn’t too bad because you set the pace. I try and meet businesses and partners while my daughter is at nursery, so my mornings are packed. I write once my daughter is in bed. Some days you don’t get a minute to sit back and drink coffee but I love that I get the flexibility to pick up my daughter at 1, take her to the park and sneak in some social media. I wouldn’t trade this for a 9 to 5!

What were your concerns about running starting to run your own business?
My biggest one was making money! I was so worried about not having a promised pay check. Especially because Clapham Mums was quiet for a while, so we didn’t have a stream of partners and advertisers lined up! But I have to say it hasn’t been as difficult as I imagined. One big plus is you can lean on your other franchises to learn- whether that’s getting sponsors for marketing or leads for businesses which have partnered with other franchises in your network or understanding opportunities to advertise.

Have there been any challenging moments and how have you dealt with them?
I have to say getting used to the lack of structure was a challenge for me- years of big corporations made me look for the plan for the way forward. But as a franchise owner, you decide things like pricing and people push back so I was struggling initially to understand what to say ok for and what not to. Alicia, the Great British Mums founder was a huge help. She gave me lots of tips on what to consider and also gave her suggestions in a couple of scenarios where I needed an opinion on how to move forward. Once I got a handle on things, I built up my own plan and I got confident.

What tips would you give to a mum considering starting up a GBMs Franchise in their area?
This is the perfect role for someone who is looking for flexibility, wants a challenge and loves her community. You will enjoy the thrill of doing something new and different, feel intellectually challenged and fulfilled, and see the impact you make to your neighbourhood.